Sweater Time… just around the corner

We are lucky up here in the Northwest in that our summers usually last into the very end of September.   As a kid, I remember being so excited to wear all my new fall school clothes, only to find myself sweating it out by lunch time in my turtleneck sweaters and corduroys.  I don’t want to hate on the sun as we have the next 8 months to enjoy our heavier weighted wardrobes, but there is something about fall fashion and being able to layer that excites most sartorially minded people.   So while these sunny days don’t necessarily incite bundling up, the crisp chill of autumn air is just around the corner, and Veridis has started to receive the sweaters you will want once you feel the bite…

built for man pima sweaters

built for man pima sweaters

To help you through the transition from summer to fall is Built for Man, by local designer Francisco Hernandez.  These amazing, thin, pima sweaters are soft, irresistible, versatile, and meant for layering.  Put one on over your polo or t-shirt or under a blazer depending on your temperature needs.  These guys are breathable, comfortable, and work on so many levels.  Also coming back to Veridis for fall are Francisco’s amazing alpaca zip hoodies.  They are the grown-up version of the sweatshirt hoodie, and again, are meant for layering.  Built for Man is to be featured in September’s Seattle Magazine, so keep an eye out for that.  Francisco is also working on some amazing silk scarves for both men and women this fall- an absolute must have.  Built for Man is indeed built for all of mankind.

Trovata cardigan

Trovata cardigan

More Trovata is now in the house!  These thick soft sweaters are amazing and have all the details that Trovata fans have come to enjoy and expect.  Made from an amazing blend of fibers (viscose, lambswool, cotton, cashmere) these look good and feel good on.   The cardigan features leather elbow patches, pockets, and two, count ’em: 1, 2 layers of this amazing knit.

The crew necks have that same soft amazing blend of fibers and wooden buttons at the cuffs.   Try it in sprout green for a new take on fall color or in a classic navy and white stripe.  Both fall essentials indeed!

trovata crewnecks

trovata crew necks

Guys aren’t the only ones that get to have fun with sweaters this season…

Rhys Dwfen

Rhys Dwfen

Veridis is proud to introduce a new line to the, er, line-up: Rhys Dwfen.

Rhys Dwfen (pronounced Rees Dwy-fen) is a new high end line of knits that deserves a place in any woman’s closet.  The dip-dye belted cashmere tunic is the perfect way to start working in those fall sweater textures without a lot of bulk.  Incredibly soft, this cashmere is amazing, and this piece is interesting enough to wear over skinny jeans, a pencil skirt, or leggings.

Also in Rhys Dwfen’s collection is a cute viscose sweater dress that is a great transition piece.  The slate colored sleeveless dress features a braided neckline and pockets at the waist.  It’s perfect with bare legs now and with tights and a turtleneck or cardigan once the weather turns.  The slate color is basically a dark neutral that you can amp up with accessories, colored tights, belts, and other more colorful layering pieces.  A fantastic base piece.

More deliveries from Rhys are on the way.   Bated breath…

Hope these pieces start to get you excited about fall!


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