Back From Market

I just travelled to the tradeshows to see what’s up for Spring 2014.  It may feel a little early to talk about spring when we haven’t really entered fall yet, but tuck this info away for the new year, or plan ahead as you transition your warm weather clothes out the closet and think about what you may want to keep close at hand for Spring ’14 .  Here’s the biggest trends for men that I saw at the shows:

  • Updated Camouflage: I saw this trend at almost every men’s booth I visited.  This isn’t (just) the traditional green canvas version that we’re all used to. Think camo in refined linen shirts, sporty short sleeves, utilitarian jackets, and casual shorts.  The update comes in the softer fabrics, modern silhouettes, and more subtle shades of blue or grey.
  • Floral Prints: Prints are big period.  Make special notice of large scale floral prints.  The easy way to incorporate this trend will be in tonal or subdued palettes; look for them in shorts and short sleeve button-ups.  The more daring will find floral prints in pants, jackets, and even matching sets (tops/bottoms).
  • Baseball Style Shirts: This trend comes in two ways: the classic raglan tee with different colored sleeves from the body, and the traditional baseball shirt with the y-shaped neck and button-up front.  Look for this style in poplin fabrics with piping, or abbreviated versions of just a henley y-neck shape in soft jersey.
  • Bomber/Track Jackets: The lightweight bomber is new again.  Member’s Only members will have their moment.  The shape is a classic but look for updates in texture: suede, perforation, seed stitch, canvas, etc.  Also, look for play with color, plaid, and prints.  The modern take for Spring ’14 looks decidedly fresh and is a must-have piece.
  • Sweats Styles:  If you’ve wanted to wear sweats all day, Spring 2014 is your chance.  Sweatshirts and sweatpants are everywhere.  Elevate this comfy style with sweatshorts and short-sleeve sweat tops.  Take the trend from lazy to fashionable with prints, piping, color-blocking, and textured fabrics.  Looking good never felt so good!

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