Boho Tops

Spring and summer are the perfect time to break out airy bohemian tops.  These easy tops usually feature soft flowing fabric and embellishment of some kind (embroidery, beading, tassles, etc).  The two styles we currently have in are both from Greylin and retail under $100.  The long sleeve version features orange embroidery and multi colored beading on the front and down the sleeves.   The bold colors on the soft white background make this easy to pair with denim, khaki, or any of the bright colors featured in the top.

Carmen Blouse from Greylin

Carmen Blouse from Greylin


The second top, also from Greylin, features folk-inspired yellow embroidery on a short sleeve gauze blouse.  Gentle tucks across the back yoke and at the sleeves add to the easy bloused appearance of the top, while a tassle tie neckline adds another special detail.

Faye Blouse from Greylin

Faye Blouse from Greylin

Both tops are easy to incorporate into the everyday but add that extra special something to stand out from the pack.  The boho moment is upon us!


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