Abstract Psycodelics


Clover Canyon by Rozae Nichols continues to impress with its use of photo prints mixed with pattern and color.  The sometimes challenging marriage of mixed media make standing out a snap.  These pieces of clothing are special.  They are different.  They cause you to look twice, and again once more.  The unique juxtaposition of prints and color belie the ease of wear the clothing possess.  The float-y poly/chiffon layers easily, jumping from informal everyday wear to special occasion “WOW”.  The neoprene dresses have been especially successful; the spongy thickness of the material both hugs the body and is somehow more forgiving than lighter weight close-fitting materials. Image 

From Dubai in the Sky to Doves in Flight, from Picnic Scarf to Neon Filigree, from Beach knits to Interior Exterior, the prints are always unique and elevating in terms of the style you’re putting on.  This collection continues to stand out as special and has the amazing transformative effect of highlighting you as special when you wear it.  Image

Daring? Yes.  Incredible? Yes.  Wow? Yes.  Fashion can and should be all those things, and this collection by Rozae Nichols nails it. 




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