Lucky You!!

Lucky for you the Winter Sales coincide with an actual winter here in Seattle!!  There is still time to refresh your wardrobe/ fill needed holes/ be warm this winter, and now, at a discounted price!

Johnny Love Cardigan

click image for more info/pics on this sweater

Guys, we have beautiful sweaters from Johnny Love out of  Norway (they know what’s cold and how to combat it stylishly- see one of their sweaters above), from Vince, who ingeniously employed yak and camel hair along with the standard wool to make some of the plushest, softest sweaters this side of cashmere you ever felt.

yak hair sweater from Vince

yak hair sweater from Vince

All the outerwear we have on hand is also on sale: waxed canvas duffle coats, heavy wool blazers, leather moto jackets, and the Edun coats we brought in earlier this fall (-on consignment, going back in the very near future; not available online).  All priced to move and keep you men dry and warm!

Cyclone cape from Cheap Monday

click image for more info on this coat!

Ladies, coats should fill your closets.  We wear them 9 months out of the year and you should have a spectrum to choose from.  What suits your mood?  What suits the occasion?  What suits what you’re wearing?  Our outerwear is what will essentially visually define us in the public eye.  Enhance your options with some great pieces- at great prices!  Capes, vests, leather, and classic wool styles are all on sale.  Invest now and wear throughout the year!!

Decca Jacket from Kain

Wool Decca Jacket from Kain

Get warm with sweaters too!  All the sweaters from Duffy are on sale.  These are all beautiful, everyday pieces that actually have personality.  Great investment!

Duffy Sweaters

Duffy sweaters here!

Now is a great time to buy cold weather wear!  It’s snowing now and you know you will be pulling out those sweaters and coats well into April/May.  Stay Warm!! 

The sale extends to great button-downs, denim, dresses, special tops, shoes, and handbags.  Check out our new sale section on the website for both men and women or come in to see it all in person!

Happy New Year!!


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