Maggie Ward’s Spring

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Maggie Ward’s spring collection is full of earthier colors than one might expect.  Rust, slate, cognac, olive, stone; these are colors not usually associated with the pastel of seasons.  Her palette actually pairs quite nicely with those lighter tones and adds a sense of grounded elegance to it.  The Florianopolis pant, pictured above, in a rich henna color has a cropped silhouette and an elegant metal tab closure.  Henna pairs nicely with pale greens and shell pinks, as well as blues, blacks, creams, and greys.

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The tie-dye chiffon top, also from Maggie Ward, still incorporates those earthy tones of rust and pale olive green but backs them with an ethereal grey.  The chiffon fabric also adds to the lightness of this piece, making this the most elegant tie-dye I’ve ever seen.

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The Belle du Jour pant in slate grey utilizes that sophisticated metal tab closure but this pant has a full straight leg and a stitched crease down the center of each leg.  The grey color will pair nicely with your lighter spring shades but will also carry you through the other seasons.

Not pictured is a grey t-shirt that has some seaming detail for a beautiful fit and is embellished with a leather strip across each shoulder and simple cutouts on either side of the strip.  An incredibly easy piece with gentle details that help it stand apart.  That in a nutshell is what Maggie Ward’s spring collection embodies…


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