Schott has re-launched the “Perfecto” line of coats this season based on the line of the same name originally issued in 1928.  The Perfecto line highlights some of the best styles created over the past 98 years, emphasizing the use of authentic American made fabrics while sourcing as much as possible in the USA.  In Schott’s words, ” The Perfecto brand draws its inspiration from Schott’s own archives of classic styles that have been passed down in the Schott family for nearly 100 years.  The end result is a sharp, focused line of authentic Americana.  The Perfecto brand has been developed for individuals who appreciate the history behind the garments, the attention to detail on the construction as well as vintage style trims and materials”.

Click image for more info and to buy!

The waxed canvas short duffle coat is based on a coat produced for the US Navy in the 1950s.  Water resistant waxed canvas is coupled with authentic closures fashioned out of natural hemp and wood toggles.  Union made in New Jersey.  This is a heritage item that still looks incredibly modern.  This is a great year round coat for the Northwest!


One Response to “Perfecto”

  1. Julio Sanchez Says:

    That is a very handsome coat, I love the design details, casual but berry carefully crafted!

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