Reach for Spring

Officially it’s still a few months away but spring merchandise is already starting to arrive and there are ways to incorporate spring pieces into wintery wardrobes.  One of the best ways to do that is by incorporating a little color into usually drab winter ensembles.  Another way is to layer in a little spring texture.  Take for instance the linen hoodie from Vince.  Linen is a classic summer fiber but this knit pullover is great to wear now.  Layer it over a long sleeve tee and under a blazer for plenty of warmth right now and then wear it on its own next season.

click pic to learn more and buy the linen hoodie!

Seersucker is another quintessential summer fabric.  While incorporating seersucker pants into a winter wardrobe may seem crazy, it works when the seersucker is a very narrow weave.  The blue and white seersucker pant from Vince has such a narrow weave that the pants appear a light grey that hints at some texture.  These are versatile.  We wear grey every day of the year here and these pants will transition you nicely from winter into spring and summer.

click pic for more views and to buy!


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