Classic Fall

When one usually starts to think about the autumn season images of fallen leaves, the feel of crisp autumn air, and a season of academics, studies, and books are what come to the forefront.  On the sartorial side of things, woolens, tweeds, and corduroys rise to the front of our closets.  There is something about these nubby textures that perfectly embody the season.  While we are not quite there temperature wise, clothing wise the fall wardrobe at Veridis is beginning to fill out.

Trovata’s first fall delivery really embodies this sense of season.  A mushroom hued corduroy single breasted suit is easily adaptable to be worn as separates; the jacket adding a smart sensibility to your average pair of jeans and the corduroy pants giving some much needed variety to the bottom half of a man’s wardrobe.The wool olive colored v-neck with teal elbow patches (pictured at top) is a great layering piece that really works as a neutral (pair it with your purples, blues, and persimmons for a pop).  The overall feel of Trovata’s first fall collection is one of a slightly casual academic whose scholarly pursuits don’t limit his sartorial appeal.  Being a nerd never looked so good…Three buttons adorn the sleeves, front pockets add function and style, and a removable pocket square adds a little flair.


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