The Colors of Autumn

The fall deliveries have started to trickle in and are full of those rich autumnal hues that the season is known for.  While the heat of summer is still bearing down upon us don’t be afraid to incorporate some of the deeper colors of fall.  Deep chocolate browns, camels, olives, and poppies are on the horizon along with the usual charcoal greys and blacks.  Fifteen Twenty’s latest delivery is full of this goodness that you absolutely can wear right now as well as when the season officially starts in September.  The easy chocolate jersey faux wrap top pictured above looks as great with white jeans as it does with the more traditional autumnal colors.  Shirring at the sides and shoulders helps create beautiful (and flattering) drape, while ruched half-length sleeves are a great foil for the shifting temperatures of summer into fall.  This is a great comfortable basic that works for both the office and the weekend.  Great price point too!

Fifteen Twenty’s beaded scroll blouson silk tunic has a distinctly Moroccan feel that will be at home in both seasons.  Easy and simple in its shape, this piece’s daring is in the details.  Brown on black stands out yet maintains a subdued palette.  The beading adds some interesting texture without being over the top.  The blouson half-length sleeves add a little more drama and some nice coverage as the nights get a little cooler.  A beautiful piece that can be dressed up or down for whatever occasions are on the horizon.


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