Parisian Chic

We’ve all heard it and we’ve all seen it in action: French girls have style.  Effortless style.  That certain je ne sais quoi that seems to make them cooler, more sophisticated, beautiful etc. without even trying.  It is certainly more than any one thing that gives them this air but if I were to encapsulate it into a phrase I would have to call it “effortless chic”; which is far more difficult to achieve than the name belies.  Where to start?  Head to the source I say.  French clothes.  

New to Veridis this fall is Equipment, a French label spawned in 1975 by Christian Restoin who went to introduce men’s shirts into women’s wardrobes by transforming the classic men’s shirt into one with glam feminine appeal.  From the line’s own bio, “Fusing unparalleled French sophistication with an air of effortlessly chic, laid-back, California style.  Timeless and innovative, the collection features modern, androgynous silhouettes, discreet sexiness, luxe fabrics, unexpected details and feminine riffs on men’s shirting.”

Indeed.  These pieces are timeless, classic, and quality.  Equally stunning with a pair of jeans or a slim pencil skirt, Equipment shirts are versatile additions to a modern woman’s wardrobe.  The drape, the silks, the simplicity… in a word? Effortless chic.


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