Wiley Clog Bootie

The first fall shoe delivery has arrived!! I know, I know, it’s difficult to think about bundling up when we’ve just barely had a chance to strip down and enjoy summer but the fashion world keeps turning, much like the real one.   Booties are a perfect transition from summer to fall.  They aren’t quite as weighty as their full length counterparts, so they pair particularly well with shorts and the lighter weight dresses we reach for during these brief warm months.   The Wiley clog bootie is a great place to start to build your fall shoe collection.  Clogs are everywhere this season, and in all sorts of incarnations.  These aren’t the “potatoes on your feet” type of clogs that are a thorn in fashion’s side.  These have and add style rather than detract.  The Wiley features a classic wooden heel and rich cognac leather with brass nail heads around the toe.  Hitting just above the ankle, Wiley looks equally good with your darkest denim pants or slim cargo shorts.  A short zip at the heel allows for easy entry.  It’s not too early to enjoy the fruits of fashion’s favorite season.


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