Shiny Drab

So in fashion a great way to keep things visually interesting is to juxtapose textures, colors, essences, feelings, etc. with their opposites.  It keeps the visual consumer (ie everyone that’s looking at you, including yourself) on their toes.  Many times you have to be the wizard behind these sartorial creations (“will combat boots and a leather jacket work with this lace skirt today?”), but luckily in this instance Cynthia Vincent has done all the work for you.  This amazing strapless dress in metallic gold and army green is simply stunning.  You don’t often see the work horse that is army green (PS army/olive green is a HUGE color for this fall. You’ll see it everywhere) utilized in luxe fabrics like silk and garments built around the shine of lurex thread, but here you do and it works, and works, and works some more.

Pictured with Trina Turk's vintage inspired jewelry

I don’t usually like to draw comparisons between high end Designer lines and the pieces I carry here at Veridis.  That said, this dress would have fit in impeccably with Balmain’s fall line.  The military colors, the gilt details, the jacquard pattern… it’s an amazing piece.  And considering Balmain’s t-shirts sell for around a K, Cynthia Vincent’s dress is a downright steal! Plus, it has pockets!  Who can resist a great placed pocket on a dress?  No one!  If you’re still wanting to add some of your own wizarding ways to this bona fide party dress, dress it down with a smart cardigan, a skinny belt and some killer boots; and off to the office you go.   Shiny and versatile?  Just say yes…


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