Texture and Silk from Madison Marcus

Madison Marcus’ first fall delivery is small but has all the great details to really carry an outfit and round out a stale wardrobe.  Texture invites itself into this collection in very different ways this time around.  The base for both garments I picked up is silk but they have quite different attitudes.  First up is a sequin-patterned silk tee in the lovely combo of green on black.  This easy piece has a lot of glam factor for being such a casual cut.  At market, the rep for the line paired this with some cute velvet shorts (they’re coming later in the season!) for a texturally luxe yet casual ensemble.  I can also see this amazing investment piece with a maxi skirt (they will be everywhere this fall), or even an uber-easy silk cropped pant (we have a couple styles on sale right now).  Whatever you choose, keep it simple, the bead-work here really commands center stage.  

The second piece from this mini delivery is an elegant silk shift dress in a muted steel color.  Texture plays with this easy (and comfortable!) dress with the embellishment at the neckline.  An ethereal cobweb-like stitching detail draws the eye up to the décolletage and references the breeziness that this dress really embodies.  The cut is simple, the color is muted, elegant, and can be worn year round.  You will continue to see a lot of this cobweb detailing in everything from sweaters to leggings this fall.  Stay ahead of the curve with this classic dress (it doesn’t look like much on the hanger but really comes to life on a body).


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