It’s what’s missing that you notice…

Sometimes it’s what you don’t say that speaks volumes.  Likewise, sometimes it’s the absence of cloth that really makes a garment sing.  We’re not talking about the emperor’s clothes here, we’re talking about cutouts, transparency, and loose weave knits;  lace, crochet, and chiffon.  The suggestion of the material tells the story.  Cynthia Vincent’s cutout lace top dress is one that’s full of suggestion.  While the dress doesn’t reveal a whole lot (the lace part is completely lined), the cutouts along the side of the rib cage add drama and intrigue.   One could say this piece is definitely lingerie inspired but it’s perfectly appropriate as a fun party dress (that will do all the talking for you!).

pictured with Free Time Industries walnut necklace and leather holster

Also from Cynthia Vincent’s summer delivery: a super wearable loose weave, short sleeve, cotton sweater.  Layer this delicate beauty with a tank or camisole.  Pair it with your comfiest cargo shorts, favorite pair of jeans, or fluid slacks.  The dropped shoulder adds some on-trend drama while the ecru color works with white, black and everything in between.


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