Free Time Industries – Laser Nature

New to Veridis this month is jewelry from a local design firm Free Time Industries.   The four women that make up the collective have backgrounds in various design fields: architecture, industrial design, printmaking, and graphic design. In their own words, “Each piece of the spring/summer 2010 laser nature collection tells a story through imagery from Native American culture, folklore, and black magic.  A limited edition of 100 are being created, hand crafted from walnut, pearl, abalone, and re-purposed leather.” The unique (limited edition – hand numbered) quality these pieces have is accentuated by their organic strength, in terms of the materials used and the cultural inspiration they were drawn from.  The showroom where all the magic happens is just blocks from Veridis, making this project entirely local, from concept to creation.  The leather holster, constructed from re-purposed leather pieces with brass buckles, aside from providing tough girl cred, is meant for the girl on the go.  Who needs a purse, when you can slip your card into the ingenious pockets on the side of this beauty?  No more dancing with your clutch; your arms are free to flail!The ingenuity of Free Time Industries and their design concept is nothing short of inspired.  Come check out this local artistry in person and become one of the counted few to own a piece of local art history!


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