Summer, Culturata Style

Culturata’s latest delivery has arrived in all its summer glory.  Surprisingly, there are some deeper colors included in the collection, specifically navy and brown.  While both of these will be great with khaki, denim etc this summer, they will also transition beautifully into fall.  The micro print on the brown and navy add some visual interest while not being too flashy. On the lighter side of the color palette are two button-downs  with more textural interest in the weave.  The first is a light summery lilac with a varied white weave throughout.  Lilac is an underused color; incredibly versatile, it works with blacks, browns, khakis, whites.  It’s slightly unexpected, making the wearer (you!) come off as just a tad more elegant with a dash of panache.

The last offering from Culturata’s Summer delivery is a classic and crisp navy on white done on a double faced fabric.  Roll up the sleeves on this one to match your rolled khakis when you head out on the water or pair it with your most precisely knotted tie; either way you’ll look clean, fresh, and the epitome of summer dressing.  

As a reminder, Culturata fabrics and shirts are entirely milled and made in Rome, Italy.  The company employs environmentally friendly practices and materials.  Culturata shirts have the Zero Impact seal from LifeGate which carries out the intent of the Kyoto Protocol and is a platform for the eco-cultural world.  Their slim cut and tailored fit are incredibly flattering, and belie the modest price that go along with this impeccable product.


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