Magenta on My Mind

Aaron Ashe does it again with his easy Samba dress in hot hot magenta.  This belted baby is short!  Perfect for showing off those amazing gams but equally lovely paired with leggings, jeans, slim skirts, or relaxed pants.  Here I’ve paired the short sleeved silk dress with Maggie Ward’s black silk sweatpants.  Easy and dressy in the same moment, these pants are a great foil for the “I don’t know what to wear” conundrum.  Dress up this V-neck dress with fabulous jewels or keep it simple for more casual affairs.  Aaron Ashe really let’s you decide on the feel you’re going for.  A slight V at the back of the neck as well as a lower hem in the back keeps things relatively modest and interesting at the same time.  This dress is a great option for women with a bust as it offers a flattering V neckline and still allows for full coverage (ie bra straps).  You also get a little extra coverage with the short sleeves and can belt it any where you please- or not at all.  This dress wants to work for you- and it looks great doing it.  


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