Checks, Stripes, and Plaids, OH MY!!

Another fun spring delivery has arrived from Arnold Zimberg.  This men’s shirting company really does light-hearted, bright, fun shirts right.  His shirts are a great way to add a dose of color and texture to your wardrobe while still maintaining the sensibility of your average button-down shirt.  Case and Point:This berry-checked gauzy-cotton snap-front beauty is the perfect way to add a little life to those khakis you’ve worn to death,  the bermuda shorts you have yet to pull out (any day now, right?), or even your favorite pair of jeans.  Leave the sleeves down for now and then roll ’em up as the temperature rises to make the most out of this detail-rich top.  Arnold Zimberg uses different patterns inside the collars and cuffs of all his shirts as well as fun contrasting stitching along the hemline.  You will also notice piping down the inner placket (this piping used to run down the side seams but he’s toned things down since those crazy days).  These tops are fun!!  Invite one to the party in your closet.

Also, check out the yoke across the back!


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