Schmoove move

Men’s shoes have at long last arrived!!  Schmoove is a new line to Veridis.  Based in France, this men’s shoe line is at once, sophisticated, contemporary, and affordable.  I picked up three new shoes from them for spring, two of which have arrived.  The Charlie Hi-Brogue is a high-top, lace-up, leather/canvas, boot.  Classic in function and form but a bit edgier than the average city boot.  This black becomes a bit more wearable for spring and summer with the black leather being broken up with a canvas that also provides some textural interest.

The other shoe just in from Shmoove is the Geek Brogue.  It offers a lower profile and is a bit dressier (though still totally work appropriate).  The all-leather shoe (and sole!) in dark gray is a great option for spring/summer when the lighter colors in your wardrobe come out.  That said, gray is incredibly versatile and I really consider this to be a 4 season shoe.  The silhouette is relatively simple but the pattern detail around the heel is what really sets this one apart.  P.S. both these shoes come in well under $200!!!So Shmoove your way over here and grab a pair while they last!! Ba-dum-bum!!


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