Spring Green

Spring is such a beautiful season.  Symbolizes rebirth, regeneration, fresh starts etc.  Nothing embodies the promise and potency of spring as much as the color green.  So often overlooked, green is the color of nature, fertility, life.  Grass green is the most restful color.  Green symbolizes self-respect and well being.  Green is the color of balance.  It also means learning, growth and harmony.  Green is a safe color, if you don’t know what color to use anywhere use green.  Surprisingly, green doesn’t find itself that often in fashion.

Take this opportunity to jump at this amazing color with this amazing dress from Susana Monaco.  Large, almost abstract, flowers decorate this stunning one-shouldered silk dress.  Beautiful draping and hidden pleats create illusion and movement at the waistline.  Gorgeous.  This is the perfect dress.  Ready for wedding season but equally appropriate for a special date night or graduation or vacation or…   the list goes on, after all, it is the perfect dress!


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