Abstract Prints- NOW!!

As if there was a question, abstract prints are the way to go.  Coming off as almost wearable pieces of art, these are easy to incorporate because they are abstract.  At Veridis we have a couple dresses that fall into this category.  Both from Liquid, the dresses encompass the painterly quality of the abstract genre.  We have a strapless number with a removable belt, within the more creamy, grey, purple, blue spectrum in a brushed cotton fabrication.  The other Liquid stunner is in the more fiery palette of orange-red, black, and melon.  This silk fabrication features a black silk tie waist and a keyhole tie at the back of the neck.  Both are gorgeous pieces and an easy way to bring in color and pattern to your existing wardrobe.  Neither of the dresses are overwhelming in their print or color, just interesting enough to make you stand out in the exact way you want to. Plus, we have this awesome shell with a zipper back in a lovely green, purple, aqua, cognac brushstroke print that will work with EVERYTHING!! Jeans? yes.  Pencil skirt? yes. Dress pants? yes.

Stand out in the good way- TODAY!


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