Rain, Rain, Go Away

It hasn’t even officially arrived but the grey of winter in Seattle is enough to make anyone feel down.  While managing Seasonal Affective Disorder is nothing to take lightly, we do have a solid 4 more months of this so our coping strategies need to be poised to go into action.   Full spectrum light boxes? Check.  Vitamin D supplement? Check.  Mid-winter tropical vacation plans?  Ho hum, maybe next year.   Well if we can’t travel to the sun we might as well import a little sun to us.  Let Arnold Zinberg help.  Based out of Hollywood, CA this mens shirting designer is all sunshine.  Bright colors, fun plaids and prints with contrasting trim, and easy fabrics make these a no brainer when considering how to mentally transport ourselves to warmer climes.  On their own, these shirts are as bright and fun as they can be but also work surprisingly well with our more classic somber Seattle colors.  You don’t have to go overboard, but a nice pop of color can mean the difference between a grey day and a day that shows the promise of what’s to come. . . 


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