Make it Festive, Make it Fun!

The holidays should be about joyous celebrations with family and friends, honoring each other with special gifts and thoughtful treats.  But sometimes things get stressful and crazy along with all the hustle and bustle of the season.   And then there’s that person on your list that is just impossible to shop for.  ooh!  My anxiety level’s rising just thinking about it.  What to do… what to do?

I know! A Veridis gift certificate! The answer to all your problems, plus this time there’s something  a little extra in it for you!   You’ll prove your sartorial savvy-ness by guiding your friend to the shop (there is absolutely something for everyone here) and be able to relax knowing that they’ll pick out something just right for themselves.  Plus, between now and December 24, 2009, when you purchase a gift certificate, you will receive another one to use for yourself (or as a gift) after the 25th!  Let me break that down for you:

Give a $50 gift certificate = receive an additional $10 gift card to use after Christmas!

Give $100 = receive a $20 gift certificate

Give $250 = receive a $50 gift certificate

Give $500 = receive a $100 gift certificate

The only stipulation is that you use the freebie gift certificates after the holidays!  Talk about a festive and fun deal!  aah.  Anxiety levels return to normal and you’re able to enjoy the season for all that it is.  Cheers!


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