EugeniAAAA Kim

How do you announce your presence?  Do you have a signature/statement piece that you’re known for?  How about  a hat?  A hat is something that you can wear every day and become a part of your signature (at least for 7 months of the year here) without overwhelming the rest of your sartorial statement.  A hat adds polish, sophistication, and that certain “I don’t know what” (you know, but in French).   These hats in particular are special.  Made by master milliner Eugenia Kim in the USA, they equate to quality that you will keep with you (literally, on your head) for years to come.  Salty berets that sit on the head just so, coy cloches that add an air of mysteriousness, and earmuffs in fox that are light years away from our childhood equivalents.  Yes, I do think a hat is the way to right any wrong or lost outfit.  It can be the cherry on your sundae and the perfect piece to polish off your everyday ensemble.


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