So in case you haven’t heard, aside from the over-the-knee boot, the biggest shoe for fall/winter is actually a shoe-boot hybrid.  Welcome, the shoetie!  These are destined to be classics and we will see them for seasons to come.  The shoetie works with almost any outfit you throw at it.  Great with pants, denim to trousers, it has you covered.  Cute with skirts and dresses (don’t forget your tights! another big trend this fall), the shoetie is totally appropriate for the office and with enough “go-get-em” to stand out for date night afterward.  It’s slightly more substantial than your average heel but with a lot more visual interest than a basic boot.

cynthia vincent shoes 002

This is our new friend, Denise.  She comes from Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent and has a lot of dramatic styling.  Starting with a fun peep-toe and the lace-up front which is another important detail in shoes this fall, Denise extends the drama to open side detailing featuring decorative lacing. (Remember the whole caging/cut-out trend? This is clearly echoing that feeling.) Denise wraps things up with a zipper up the back of the heel.  This is a killer shoe: architectural, well-made, interesting details, accessible height, and fun, fun, fun.cynthia vincent shoes 003

Also, from Cynthia Vincent is the party heel to end all party heels.  This one is incredibly hot and really nails the caged heel thing. You will absolutely turn heads in this shoe.  And it’s comfortable enough that you’ll actually look forward to wearing it again and again.  The holiday party season is just around the corner, make sure you have something that will POP!cynthia vincent shoes 004


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