No monkey suits allowed

scarves 003The time for parties and big nights out is almost upon us.  Seattle is a fairly casual city, in that you can get away with a fair amount when you “dress up”.  For some that means a clean pressed shirt and khakis for others it means a 3-piece suit.

Why not split the difference with one of Built for Man’s fantastic new tuxedo shirts?  Offered with the bib pleat front in a soft blue or with a simple ruffle down the placket in white or black.  These are made with a beautiful, weighty pima cotton and are super easy to care for- just throw ’em in the washer and dryer.

They absolutely can be worn with a classic tux or suit but they can just as easily be worn with jeans.  These shirts are a great way to add a little flare and fashion to the sometimes uninspiring process of getting dressed to go out.


And at $155 they’re a steal!


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