Down in Las Vegas I came across a great men’s shirting company called Culturata and had to include them in the fall and spring line-up here at Veridis.  Culturata combines old world Italian tailoring traditions and hand craftsmanship with ethical working practices, sustainable fabrics, and sophisticated designs. All of the fabrics are woven in Italy and the garments are sewn at their factory in Rome, Italy.  The marks of quality each garment contains are single needle stitching, removable collar stays, spare buttons sewn in the shirt tail, horizontal bottom button hole, cotton lining in collar and cuffs, a seven button front, and each shirt being hand cut and finished.  While many of these details may go by unnoticed, the overall presentation of the shirts are classic yet fresh.  The company offers both a slim and classic shirt style, with three different collar options, and two cuff options.  To start I’ve opted for the slim fit shirts with London collars and angled cuffs.  I received a lilac twill shirt and a lilac check shirt that are different from what you probably already own yet come off as incredibly polished.  These shirts will work as well with classic suiting as they will with jeans.  I will bring in a couple more styles before the holidays and a great group in for spring.

Trovata chamonix sweaters

Trovata chamonix sweaters

Trovata has been a consistent favorite for Veridis customers.  Their shirts are impeccably made with lots of great details.  We just received another great shipment from them including some great v-neck sweaters.  One (pictured above) in a rich purple berry tone, another in an off-white/grey stripe.  These sweaters are soft- not itchy and feature button details at the cuffs.  Also from Trovata is the wolfe roll-up shirt.  You can roll and button the sleeves of this mini purple gingham shirt or leave them down.  The shirt also rocks epaulets (removable) at the shoulders and front chest pockets with button closures.  This is a great time to bring some color into your wardrobe with quality and style.

Trovata sweater

Trovata sweater


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