Albright’s Legacy: Read My Pins

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has written a new book centered around her pins.   During her tenure as a part of the Clinton administration she met with various world leaders and discussed foreign policy, affairs, and all those other important political matters.  For every important meeting she would don a pin.  Ms. Albright started choosing her pins based on the story surrounding the days events, the person she was meeting, and most of all her mood.  This is an idea I can totally get behind.  Using clothing and accessories as a tool of self expression is not a new idea but it is refreshing to hear about someone with such stature using brooches in this fashion.   Political dressing is usually pretty tired and boring.  While Albright’s skirt and pant suits didn’t really break the mold, using brooches as a talisman for the days events is a really interesting idea we all can take notes from.  Putin said he could tell Albright’s mood from the brooch she would wear.  What’s the message you’re sending today?  What message would you like to send?

“Read My Pins Stories from a Diplomat’s Jewel Box”

Albright’s Legacy: Read My Pins –</a


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