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Built for Man Alpaca scarves

Built for Man Alpaca scarves

These are the softest, warmest, scarves you can imagine.  Hand-loomed in Peru, these are 100% baby alpaca and are a part of Francisco Hernandez’ Built for Man collection.  We are showcasing blue, silver, red, charcoal, black lavender, and a patterned option.  They are all a voluptuous 7′ in length.  Loop ’em around your neck and snuggle in- these will keep you warm all through winter.  Francisco works with the artists down in Peru to create these beautiful scarves as well as the traditional Unku (a Peruvian version of the poncho), all done with the amazing soft, lofty alpaca fiber.  You can feel good about buying from his line, knowing that the money is going to the artisans in this impoverished community.  The Unku, while traditional looks incredibly modern on both men and women.  I would wear mine with leather pants or skinny jeans as a great throw-on when I need to run to the grocery store or out for coffee on chilly mornings.   Also from his line are great fingerless gloves and sleeves (both again made from alpaca) designed to be worn underneath the Unku- though there are an infinite number of pairing for these necessities.   Come get to know the amazing alpaca fiber and this fantastic line.

P.S. He’s local- his showroom is right around the corner from my shop.  There he is launching his made in Seattle line of silk accessories.  Scarves that basically tie themselves and can be worn by men or women and some fantastic ties that will add some real pizzaz to whatever you decide to put on underneath (He had women wearing them as choker necklaces in a recent photo shoot).  This is fashion at its finest!

Made in Seattle silk scarves

Made in Seattle silk scarves

Check out the Seattle Magazine article on the silk scarves here shoes fall 011


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