Fall’s Other Favorite

So I know I waxed on about autumn being the season for boots in an earlier post and that is true; but that only covers your lower extremities.  Fall’s other favorite clothing category is coats.  It is said that if you have limited funds, the places to update your wardrobe (and even splurge) are shoes, handbags, and coats.  As a jacket addict, I firmly believe in this.  They are your face to the world in terms of clothing and nothing can make you look sharper (aside from maybe shoes).   This season we have some great ones coming to Veridis!

First, is this lovely belted nubby number by Liquid.  It hits right around the bum and belts around the waist, accentuating that most classic of female silhouettes.  Buttons are hidden down the front inside a placket to maintain a very polished look.  The collar folds down around the neck, just hinting at décolletage or showcasing a necklace or scarf.  This is a lady’s coat.  The fit is fantastic.  Very sophisticated in a 1950’s sort of way yet it doesn’t feel outdated or even vintage.   Perhaps it’s that modern rich purple that keeps it current.  This is one to wear all the way into spring!

shoes fall 006

Next up is a super cool leather jacket by June.  Offered in anthracite grey, this is a more feminine take on the moto jacket.  It is fitted with a beautiful neckline/collar and features simple stitching accents at the seams.  It hugs curves beautifully and looks best snug to the body.  I’ve never been one to put much stock in magic but you put this on and POOF! You are instantly cool.  It’s a transformative piece and no one will blame you for wearing it with everything: jeans, party dresses, slacks, leggings; this coat does all the work for you.  And it’s grey! A huge color this season.

June anthracite leather jacket

June anthracite leather jacket


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