Rorschach and You

This piece by Helmut Lang is reminiscent of Rorschach’s ink blot tests- please feel free to read into it whatever is resting latent in your psyche.  To the Helmut Lang troop it’s a lunar print, perhaps representing the proximity of things that seem so distant.  I see art.  Specifically, an art project of my favorite 2nd grader, and within that the amazing ability that we all have to create.  On the body, this shirt says one thing:  I’m wearing a freakin fly piece of avant-garde fashion that feels silky soft and hangs as though it were initially draped on my body.  The print in an of itself is pretty neutral and can be mixed with a lot of different bottoms.  Absolutely modern, this is quintessential part of Helmut Lang’s collection.

Helmut Lang's Lunar Print

Helmut Lang's Lunar Print


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