For those not yet aware, M.O.D. is a fashion acronym for “model off duty”, a term birthed in response to the amazing style that models seem to embody even when they’re not on the runway.  It may be a mix of high and low, casual or refined, but it always is stylish, current, and with an authentic “real” feel about it.  M.O.D. dressing has really come into focus recently as models now seem to be celebrities in their own right.  The key to getting this slouchy sophistication right is with soft drape on top and a fitted easy bottom.  model-off-duty-002


Here we’ve achieved the look with a Kova & T racer-back tank in micro modal (super soft!!), an Eric Hart bandage skirt with exposed zipper up the back, and a Vena Cava structured vest that is absolutely stunning!!  This outfit is easy, nonchalant, yet fashionable; totally M.O.D. and could also be achieved by swapping the skirt for a skinny jean or even a pegged boyfriend jean.  The options are really endless and should be swapped with ease- because models make fashion look easy and we all have to be off duty sometimes…


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