Spring for Men!


A Dandy Madras suit!

A Dandy Madras suit!

Veridis just received a ton of new spring menswear featuring fun prints, short sleeves and light easy going fabrics.  Notably, we have a brown madras suit in a thin cotton from What Comes Around Goes Around, whose spring inspiration drew from 1950’s Cuba.  Going along with this theme is a great button-up short sleeve sweater with a collar. 

what comes around goes around!

what comes around goes around!

Also new in the store are a great new batch of button up shirts from the likes of Trovata and Hause of Howe.   We have both short and long sleeve styles so you can look stylish no matter what the weather.  Checks, plaids, prints, pinstripes; lots of options to suit whatever mood you are in. 
A big trend for spring is mixing patterns: plaids and prints, dots and stripes, this is the season to be bold in your dressing.  An easy way to incorporate this trend is by adding a tie to your outfit.  We just received a huge batch from REVL and their brother company Gytha Mander.  With both skinny and medium width styles in stripes and plaids, these are a perfect way to dandy up your spring style.  Have fun with fashion!!!
ties galore!

ties galore!

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