Jewelry as Sculpture by Alexis Bittar

Lucite and Miss Havisham Collections

Lucite and Miss Havisham Collections

 It is said that if you’re on a budget the best way to update your wardrobe is via your accessories.  I believe the thought is you will use these items with many different outfits therefore stretching your dollar.  I don’t want to buy into all this recession fear-mongering and I’ve never been one to live within the confines of a budget (thank you JP Morgan Chase!!) but I do have to say if you put on one of the pieces from the two collections Veridis just received from Alexis Bittar, all eyes will be on the accessory and not on your hand-me-down sweater from cousin Pat.

This is jewelry.  Sculptural, statement-making jewelry.  All of Alexis Bittar’s pieces are made to order in Brooklyn, NY,  and all of them will elevate what you’re wearing to the next level.  These pieces aren’t for the timid.  Think bold lucite bangles, strong shiny metal cuffs, and amazing necklaces that are absolutely wearable art. 

Whether or not you’re on a budget, this jewelry will enliven whatever outfit you pair it with.  We all tend to have a uniform we turn to again and again (mine happens to be jeans, a tank, and a cardigan).  These pieces of art will transform your “uniform” into your canvas upon which this jewelry sings.  Also like art, this jewelry won’t go out of style, it will be something you wear for years to come, and then pass on to your children.

lucite bangles

lucite bangles


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