Farylrobin heels

suzu heel in pink kimono silk

suzu heel in pink kimono silk

There’s just something about the right shoe that makes an outfit. The shoe doesn’t necessarily have to be outrageous or over-the-top but probably every woman has experienced the transformative power of a killer heel. If the architecture is right, it slims, improves posture, and adds that certain je ne sais quoi that every woman is after. We just got in two great heels from Farylrobin. Not too high, both pairs are something you can wear to work all day, and then out to dinner afterwards. But more than just their wearability, these guys have style. The Colette is a beautiful open-toe heel in a grey/taupe color with a fan embellishment at the toe and a curved cork heel that has to be seen in person to appreciate. The Suzu will add that pop of interest to your outfit without overpowering the rest of what you have going on. Colorful kimono silk in pinks and grey-blues dress the toe while fiery orange-red pleats embrace the heel. This is definitely the shoe you’ll find yourself going back to again and again.

Colette heel in taupe

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